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Что необходимо для установки?

Какие требования, что необходимо для установки TXP?


  • Кратко
    • PHP 4, MySQL
  • Подлиннее
    • PHP 4.3+ , MySQL 3.23+
  • Развернуто
    • PHP 4.3.2 or up, MySQL 3.x , Webserver

Textpattern has been reported to work fine with PHP5; MySQL 4.0.x, MySQL 4.1.x and MySQL 5.0.x; all Apache versions; on Windows as well as on *nix. If you want to use clean urls, Apache is recommended (1.3.x and 2.x). While it is possible to use clean urls with other webservers as well (like lighttpd, IIS etc.) it requires some configuration knowledge and/or special extensions and is not actively supported

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